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FB sayz: “Well known name . . . natural fibers like bamboo . . . wonderful styles!”

JM is a family business that got its start in Montreal 30 years ago when Alphonse Battah and his two sons, Robert and Allan, founded a small undergarment company. Seeing a gap in the marketplace, they turned their attention towards creating and designing a collection of body fashions for men that would be both stylish and offer optimum comfort and fit. "Up until 15 years ago, men had very little choice when it came to underwear, and frankly, they didn't expect much. That's all changed now", says Robert Battah, President of JM Intimode.

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FB sayz: “Natural fibers like bamboo . . . so many colors to choose from . . . awesome prints!

Australian designers David Tomkinson and Mark Bradbury launched revolutionary cult Australian fashion label DT Clothes in June 2003, sparking a fashion frenzy when they released their ground-breaking men's underwear range. A mix of low-rise briefs, jock straps and boxer briefs, DT brings fun, fashion and comfort to the realm of men's underwear. Retaining an element of groovy '70s simplicity, DT prints and designs are a blend of futuristic Brit Pop, comic Aussie cool and sexy Brazilian flare.

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FB sayz: "Kindered spirits from the Pacific Northwest...truly unique, limited editions."

Based in downtown Seattle, Danial Webster produces all of its underwear for men with local labor in its own studio space. Many of the fabrics Danial Webster uses for its designer underwear line come from mill ends and garment districts, which means they are available in limited quantities - if you like it, buy it now because it may not be available later.

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FB sayz: "Naughty name and clean styles."

Known for their sassy style and design touches like handy condom pockets, these underwear for men let everyone know you're truly a Dirty Fukker.

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FB sayz: “Love the enhancement it gives . . . the softness of the material . . . the fit!”

Australia's Cocksox revolutionized mens' underwear, doing for men what the pushup bra does for women. Extensive development, testing and research lead to a visually enhancing design, room for your member and supreme comfort and support for everyday wear. All Cocksox designs are made in Australia from new fabrics that give you the feel of cotton but with all the benefits of advanced fiber technology.

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FB sayz: "Cool designs . . . unique styles . . . comfortable performance!

Baskit insists on few simple things in everything it makes: Quality. Design. Style. Baskit is the hip, comfortable alternative for modern men who want underwear that fits their lifestyles - and their bodies. It fits well and has a bit of style, pleasing both body and eye.

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FB sayz “Great, bright colors and styles of prints”

Made in Colombia and shipped from Miami, Elite delivers great European-styled underwear for men. Runs a little snug, so you may want to size up.

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FB sayz: “Different, edgy look . . . great prints!”

Gia men's underwear is just plain sexy. Unique design touches like styles with no waistband make Gia a find.

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FB sayz “Unique patterns!”

Gigo is a brand from Colombia known for its original prints, such as men's underwear emblazoned with national flag graphics. The company says Gigo is "the label created to express the energy of your underwear."

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FB sayz: “Great color patterns . . . well known name . . . great feeling fabrics!”

Go Softwear ushered in a new era of men's undergarments in 1996 with the introduction of men's padded underwear. Before the word metrosexual was in vogue Go Softwear garments were becoming a favorite among young, image and body conscious males. The contoured European fit with bold comic book colors and playfulness have become a favorite choice in men's fashion underwear. Go Softwear's eco-friendly line features an array of fabrics, such as organic cotton/bamboo, hemp/combed organic cotton, as well as natural vegetable dyed colors.

FB sayz: “Bright colors . . . love the fit and look!”

Joe Snyder men's underwear designs invite wearing low-rise, tight fitting hipster jeans. The minimal styles in sleek, stretchy microfiber (80% Poliamide, 20% Spandex) bring a little excitement to every man’s underwear drawer.

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FB sayz: "No matter were you are someone will like it hard - boyz or girlz, it's all good."

Justus Boyz uses unique fabrics, such as a blend of 90% cotton and 10% lyocel to deliver an earth-friendly, comfortable and form-hugging fit. Lyocell is a natural, man-made fiber produced in an environmentally-friendly process from wood pulp. Not only is it biodegradable, but it is also absorbent and comfortable, especially in high humidity. Plus, reinforced front pouches for enhanced appearance, camo patterns and sexy-cool designs that make you look and feel great.

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FB sayz: “Well known name . . . great styles and colors!”

Founded in Los Angeles in 1997, N2N Bodywear’s Andrew Makay creates more than great men's underwear. His vision launched an apparel revolution for the gay traveler and adventurous metro-sexual. Regardless of your orientation, N2N makes you feel special, unique and super-appealing to your partner. So many of us spend hours and hours in the gym but we tend to hide behind unappealing and sometimes baggy clothing. N2N truly embraces the male physique and takes him to the next level of true sex appeal.

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FB sayz: “Who doesn't like these little guys? . . . The clothing too is playful and fun in bright colors!”

Otter started in 2006 as a tee shirt line out to make a statement. It's still making that statement, joined by people around the world who share Otters love for color, being noticed and most of all having fun. "Because having fun doesn’t always have to be with your clothes on!"

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FB sayz: “Denim underwear?! . . . . there is nothing ruff about it! . . . soft to touch . . . hot styles that tease . . . one of our new favorites!”

The Rufskin philosophy: sexy, functional, comfortable and sporty. Rufskin incorporates new, original materials and innovative fabrics. Designer Hubert Pouches pushes the boundaries of male design with fashions that allow men to define their personal style of sexy. The styling reflects a more self-confidant and masculine awareness of the male form, appealing to all types of men who want to look their sexy best. Rufskin is based in Southern California.

FB sayz: “Great family-owned business started in the US . . . design gives a bit of pick-me-up and makes you feel bolder!”

Designer Tim Wildman says he loves men in underwear - and it shows. These enhancers accentuate the male form without unwieldy contraptions, giving you that extra something-something in your favority swimwear, shorts or jeans.

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FB sayz: “Great bamboo line . . . international name . . . great fit!”

C-in2 says that "If you’re looking for your standard fly front brief, you’ve come to the wrong place."

Co-founder/designer Gregory Sovell and co-founder Jason Zambuto seek out cutting edge technologies and fabrics to create products that make you look and feel better. "Whether innovating in technology – the Contour Pouch, Sling Support, and Trophy Shelf – or in fabrications such as Bamboo and Kinetic, we encourage you to embrace your freedom to choose what you find sexy in underwear – and who you want to be sexy for."

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Fun Boxers

FB sayz: "The name sums it up . . . nice full cut to fit all body types."

For 20 years, Fun Boxers has designed playful and exciting novelty patterns for boxer shorts. These boxer shorts are made of soft, 100% cotton, and new styles are constantly available. Boxers don’t have to be boring – stuff your drawers with Fun Boxers underwear for men!

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Junk Underjeans

The New Revolution in Mens Underwear

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Cocksox Brief CX01 Black
Cocksox Brief CX01 Black
Cocksox Brief CX01 Diablo Red
Cocksox Brief CX01 Diablo Red
Cocksox Brief CX01 Wahoo Blue
Cocksox Brief CX01 Wahoo Blue
Cocksox Brief CX01 White
Cocksox Brief CX01 White
Cocksox waistband Brief CX03 Black
Cocksox waistband Brief CX03 Black
Cocksox waistband Brief CX03 Diablo Red
Cocksox waistband Brief CX03 Diablo Red
Cocksox waistband Brief CX03 Quartz White
Cocksox waistband Brief CX03 Quartz White
Cocksox waistband Brief CX03 Wahoo Blue
Cocksox waistband Brief CX03 Wahoo Blue